Felton Foushee
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Elect Felton Foushee

Proud Resident

Felton is a Proud resident of Greensboro, NC. He was born and raised in District 1.

Community Mentor

Felton has spent years in the community mentoring youths and making connections meant to create opportunities for the underserved.

Economic Investment

Felton has observed a lack of economic investment and citywide support in District 1 for far too long.

About Felton

“I love my hometown. And I know Greensboro, as a whole, can become one of the most desirable cities in the nation. But we cannot continue to ignore its most vulnerable yet loyal citizens.”

What I will focus on:

  • Economic Growth & Empowerment
  • Effective Social Programs
  • Corporate & Local Government Accountability
  • Real & Transformative Academic/Career Opportunities
  • Community Development, Restoration, and Beautification
  • Sustained Economic Engagement from the Business Community

“Our way forward, together, starts with truth, accountability, and transformative action. I believe every resident of Greensboro is capable of doing their part, and I know those in District 1 are ready.”

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